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Wayfair 10in No-Noise Medium Memory Foam Mattress  Infused Gel

Wayfair 10in No-Noise Medium Memory Foam Mattress Infused Gel

SKU: Wayfair 10in No-Noise Medium Memory Foam

Wayfair 10in No-Noise Medium Memory Foam Mattress. Infused Gel - $695.00 delivered


from the Wayfair website 

'Are you struggling with the mattress at home that doesn't meet your multi-sleeping position?

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night on your Worn mattress?

If you are looking for a mattress that allows you to fall asleep quickly and comfortably in various sleeping positions. This mattress will be the best choice for you. Four layers of multi-comfortable foam constitute the "heart" of the mattress. The top layer of memory foam with gel can quickly deform and return to its original shape. The middle is the most comfortable pressure-release layer. The bottom is a solid support layer. The three-layer structure, based on ergonomics, can change from the bottom to the top with the curve of your body. Embracing various sleeping positions to release your freedom every night.

Scientific Testing + OEKO-TEX Certified Certification: The mattress is tested in the laboratory with many kinds of experiments. Passed various certifications, it meets all of the federal standards of mattress and CPSC without any harmful substances.

Shipped in a box easy installation: All mattresses are compressed and packed into compact cartons for fast shipping. After receiving the mattress, you only need to do a few steps to get and enjoy this comfortable mattress

1. Open the carton.

2. Separate the outer protective film with professional tools.

3. Wait for 24-72 hours to enjoy a comfortable mattress.New Structure + Upgraded Comfort:    

The core structure of the mattress has undergone multiple rounds of laboratory tests. All the foam structure has been upgraded after continuous research by the R&D team. Multi-layer foam structure combined with detachable skin-friendly fabrics provides all-around comfort. Fit Body-Curve + Release Pressure: The top layer of the foam inside the mattress can quickly change with the body curve to maximally fit your body. What's more, the mattress will perfectly combine with each pressure point of the body to release the body pressure from the inside to the outsideNo Noise+ Deep sleep: The inner foam is so thick that can effectively slow down motion transmission and reduce motion noise. No matter how your partner wakes up or rolls over in the night, this mattress can able to continue ensures your deep sleep.

Box Weight: 56.70 lbs. Carton Dimensions: 41.31 H D X 14.43 W X 14.43 D'

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