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Ninja Warrior Obstacle multicolour Course for Kids

Ninja Warrior Obstacle multicolour Course for Kids

SKU: Ninja Warrior multicolour Course

Ninja Warrior Obstacle multicolour Course for Kids - $265.00 delivered

Get the new and improved 2.0 Monkey Line kit, which includes all weatherproof material/treatment, safer bucklers, thicker grip obstacles (Easy on kids hands!), pressure seal obstacles, and a new selection of obstacles! 

Your kids will be touching the ground while they are playing on their ninja warrior obstacle course... We discovered the cause of the slackline sagging now the new Ratchet-Tight Technology 

Open your door to the world of outdoor play with The Monkey Line. This easy-to-use, all-inclusive backyard toy is the ultimate jungle gym for kids and includes 10 essential obstacles designed for kids plus an oversized 6' x 3' Monkey Net! 

With the Monkey Line you won't have to nag your kids to get outside for some exercise! They'll be outside swinging, jumping, and climbing on the Monkey Line! 

The slackline will double as a tightrope as it is woven with extra grip to walk on! You also get a 50 foot slackline that will allow you to set it up in most spaces, anywhere with trees 15 ft apart to up to 45 ft apart the Monkey Line will fit!

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