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GMWD Leg Press Hack Squat Machine

GMWD Leg Press Hack Squat Machine

SKU: GMWD Leg Press Hack Squat Machine

GMWD Leg Press Hack Squat Machine - $2,120.00 delivered unassembled.

Leg Exercise Machine with Linear Bearing, Lower Body Special with Weight Storage for Quads, Hamstring, Glutes, Calves, Heavy Duty Home Gym Leg Day Equipment.

The Leg press hack squat combo provides an awesome lower body burn that targets your thigh, glutes and calf.

The aim was to make this hip sled combo as versatile as possible to fit more home gyms. 

Adopted the linear bearing structure instead of rolling bearing.

Makes your every movement more stable and smooth, and accompanies you every next leg day.

The special designs on the back rod could be providing longer paths of movement, suitable no matter you are 5ft or 6ft.

With a footprint of 84in x 38in, the gross weight is a staggering 385 pounds.

No matter how many weights you have on hand, you can put them to good use with this stellar piece of equipment. 

You can transitition easily between the leg press machine and the hack squat machine by adjusting the backrest. Calf raise attachment also brings more possibility.

The safety catch has 3 different levels to fit different needs or heights.

Only 2in Olympic weights available. 

7 height choices for both leg press and hack squat.

Break your old squat with this machine without fear!

Build stronger thighs and better cardio day in and day out.

Available in Red and in Black.

Also with weightplates x2 10lbs., x2 25lbs., x2 35lbs., and x2 45lbs.

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