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Order From The Comfort of Your Own Home or Office

Virtually any product that is available from online retailers we can get

Almost every product available online, we can bring in for you. Send us an email with the link to get started. 

We Take Care Of Everything For You

We source, purchase, ship, clear through customs, and deliver. Shop without the hassle. 

Delivery to your home or office

We don't just deliver to your door. We bring in the boxes to your designated place, including inside offices. 

Virtually any product from many overseas 'brick and mortar' stores we can get

IKEA, Home Depot, Peloton are our most popular stores, but we can bring in almost anything from physical overseas stores if we don't already have it in stock. 

Prices and availability are subject to change. This is due to price increases with many of our suppliers. Please be sure to ask for confirmation.

Send us an email with the links to the products needed for pricing to

Conspec Takes Care Of:


Source from most online vendors






Clearing Through Customs


Delivering to your home or place of work

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